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Kaldu Natural Cap Mushroom Merang directly from a Solo distributor
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Kaldu Natural Cap Mushroom Merang directly from a Solo distributor

There are 3 choices of sachets in spices: mushroom (original), chicken and beef

1 carton contains 10 boxes
1 box contains 10 packs
1 pack contains 30 sachets
1 sachet weighs 3 gr

Natural Broth Cap Merang Mushroom is one type of natural broth made from mushroom which functions to replace MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or vetsin. Merang Mushroom Cap Natural Broth is made from selected ingredients such as mushroom extract, sugar, salt, and flavor (seasoning) which makes the Natural Broth of Mushroom Cap Merang healthy and delicious for consumption. Natural Broth Cap Merang Mushroom is very suitable to be used as a flavor enhancer for various dishes such as meatballs, fried foods, soups, cakes, and others. This broth can also be used in restaurants, the food industry, hospitals, and others.

"Healthy life with natural mushrooms, non-cholesterol, no preservatives and no coloring"

The latest technique introduced by CAP MUSHROOMS in cooking that brings you a new taste, mushroom flavor and natural nutrition. This stock can be used for cooking, giving your ENTIRE COOKING flavors. This will make your cooking better than you have ever tasted.
Does not contain meat, so it is halal and very suitable for vegetarians / vegans

Comparison: If you use 1 tablespoon of vetsin (tablespoon), with a natural broth of mushroom cap just 1 tablespoon of tea just feels good, safe given to your baby because it is much healthier and more nutritious. Because NATURAL KALDU MERANG MUSHROOM CAP is completely made of natural ingredients without preservatives and without coloring

1. Substitute MSG for a more delicious taste
2. Giving flavor to all types of food and any cuisine
3. Add a fragrance to any dish

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