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Ice Yoghurt
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Specification of Ice Yoghurt

Ice Yoghurt

Capinos Magic Ice Yoghurt Powder is a product of new innovation so that everyone is easy and cheap to make and produce ice-cream yoghurt at home yourself.


Banana Strawberry, Apple Grape, Mango, Melon

Packaging: 1 kg/pack, 20 kg/carton

The price of a stamp mill: Rp. 50.000,-/kg or Rp 800,000/carton

Conditions: minimum order for purchase 1 carton.

How To Process:










Business Analysis
1 kg Capinos Magic ice yoghurt Powder reconstituted with 5 L of water would be 6,000 grams dough ice yoghurt. Weight of 1 pcs of ice yoghurt is 40 grams, so 1 kg of material will be 150 pcs

If the customer is the present price is Rp.

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